Source : The Times of India, Last updated : 19 Nov 2019,4:27 pm

AirAsia India to give pollution masks to Delhi-bound passengers on select flights

AirAsia India to give pollution masks to Delhi-bound passengers on select flights
NEW DELHI: AirAsia India Pvt Ltd (AAIPL) will from Tuesday give pollution masks to passengers boarding flights to Delhi from other metros like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Kolkata, till the month-end, "to combat the deteriorating air quality in the capital". Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region) has among the most toxic air quality on earth in past few days.

AAIPL COO Sanjay Kumar said: "Our primary objective is to serve guests travelling with AirAsia India with best the in-flight experience. With this initiative, we take a step forward to upkeep the health of our guests’ post their flying experience with us. This is for them to have adequate support to avoid health related issues due to the air pollution in the city. We are passionate to work with our guests, employees and other key stakeholders who have come together to bring meaningful stance to our operations."

In a statement, the airline said: "The overall Delhi air quality index (AQI) in the city currently is 494. According to the monitoring agency SAFAR this index measures the levels of airborne PM 2.5 - particles that can reach deep into the lungs. In winters, there’s a dip in the minimum temperature that makes the air cold and heavy, making it easier for accumulation of pollutants close to the ground. This is intended to help the guests cope with the changing environmental conditions in the city and stay healthy."

The campaign will commence on Tuesday and end on November 29, 2019.

Mounting pollution over the years is increasingly forcing airlines to take steps accordingly. In the winter of 2017, US mega carrier United had suspended its daily Newark-Delhi nonstop for a few days due to the "public health emergency" caused by searing pollution levels here. United had handed out smog masks to Delhi-bound passengers on some flights before suspending operations temporarily for a few days.

In December 2016, over 350 flights supposed to fly out of Beijing were cancelled due to noxious smog reducing visibility there and making operations tough.
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