Source : The Times of India, Last updated : 19 Oct 2020,12:46 pm

'Find a problem, look for a solution & you will succeed'

'Find a problem, look for a solution & you will succeed'
NEW DELHI: “Entrepreneurship is great. Find a problem, look for a solution and you will absolutely succeed. Do not be a solution looking for a problem.” This is the advice Amit Ganjoo, founder and CEO of Washington-based Anra Technologies, gave at Bennett University’s “freshers’ welcome week 2020” on Monday.

“Covid has tested everyone, every industry. The world as we know is not going to exist. We are all going to adapt to a new normal. We will all get used to a new way of thinking,” Ganjoo, whose domain and passion is aviation, communication and robotics, said while addressing Bennett students from Washington.

After doing civil engineering from Chandigarh, Ganjoo went to the US for his masters and also earned his pilot licence there. “There is a difference in skill and attitude. A skill can be acquired. The right attitude and mindset can take you places,” he said.

Later Ganjoo went on to work in the drone space. While India has some catching up to do in this emerging space, he said it will leapfrog given the huge talent pool the country has.
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